Jack Donaldson: A Soldier’s Letters

Jack Donaldson: A Soldier’s Letters

An army marches on its stomach. Logistics were vital throughout WW2 - the supply of food, equipment and transport.

This fascinating view into the life of an officer in WW2 gives many surprises. Among others is the comparative luxury and comfort of officers, the many facilities available to them that were probably not enjoyed by the ordinary soldier.
The work was hard, at times dangerous, and several years passed without seeing family, but there were always friends, books to read and frequent parties.

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About the Book

A selection of letters from Normandy, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Italy and Europe throughout the Second World War. Jack was in many of the fields of war, pursuing his work in logistics. His most interesting posting was to Iraq, to liaise with the Russians to get supplies into Russia from the East, avoiding the German army advancing across Europe and Russia itself.

Series: Donaldson Letters, Book 2
Tag: Letters
Publisher: EVE, Eden Valley Editions
Publication Year: 2017
Format: paperback and ebook
Length: 75 pp
ASIN: B0772S8QF8
ISBN: 9780992972370
List Price: £2.99
eBook Price: £1.99
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About the Author
Rose Deakin

Rose is the daughter of Jack and Frances Donaldson. She has edited their wartime letters, from the period 1939-1945

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