Farming, Feminism, Society, Politics and War

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An important historical document  Important historical document of Second World War: A Woman's War by Frances Donaldson

Frances Donaldson’s account of ‘her war’, documented in thousands of letters written almost daily throughout the 6 years of WWII, is an important historical document.   Order A Woman’s War here


Farming and Feminism

More than that, it is the account of an amazing achievement of a woman in a man’s world, illustrating the ultimate toughness and capability of women to achieve similar goals as men. It is an unconscious feminist tract.   Order A Woman’s War here


A view on Politics of the 1930s and 1940s

From a political point of view, it illustrates the ideas and feelings of people who wanted something more for Britain than a country with endemic poverty alongside the riches of privilege.   Order A Woman’s War here


The Ministry of Information handling of the War

One of her constant gripes was the handling of publicity and information about the war and the failure to understand the public and its needs.   Order A Woman’s War here


Flits into Society

As well as showing us life in a Warwickshire village in WWII, Frances Donaldson makes occasional dashes into her more social and theatrical past.   Order A Woman’s War here


The Home Front

This book gives a vivid and factual picture of life in England on the Homefront. Bombs fall, even on a country farm; lives are at risk through ignorance and poverty; animals mixed with hard work are the basics of the day; loneliness and writing shape the evenings at Gypsy Hall Farm.   Order A Woman’s War here


The War Front

Jack’s letters from the Middle East give a glimpse of his work providing supplies along the back route through Persia to the beleaguered Russians besieged by the Nazis in Leningrad and other towns.   Order A Woman’s War here

A Woman's War