Original unpublished writing by Frances Donaldson

I have several unpublished short stories by Frances Donaldson and I am going to put them here – as I get them transcribed from typewritten to digital prose. Here are the first two:

1).  My Day. Thoughts on writing as a discipline/occupation

2) The Last of the Peasants, a story about our cleaning lady in rural Gloucestershire just after the war, and her brother, a traditional miser.

I also plan to put a few of the interesting war letters of my father, Jack Donaldson

There is an item called ‘A Soldier’s Reading‘. He read voraciously and often commented on what he was reading. Leonora Cazalet sent him a Christmas present of 40 Penguin books on one occasion. The wartime postal services seemed to cope quite easily with this, although I am not sure by what method they were despatched.

I may expand some of the interesting topics to give more background and detail. For instance the Peckham Health Centre, a bit more about Gropius, possibly some of the characters who were well-known names at the time but not so well-known now.

So, Watch this space. I will do it all as soon as possible – after the trauma of self-publishing that is so time-consuming and all-absorbing.

A Woman's War