Photographs of farming life in 1940s Britain

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A woman's war book
Jack and Frankie Donaldson after the war, 1946.


Frances Donaldson with dog
Frances Donaldson with her favourite sheep dog, Meg, in 1942


FRances Donaldson riding pony
Frankie on the children’s pony


Frances Donaldson A Woman's War
Frances Donaldson driving the Fordson tractor with hayload behind


Frances Donaldson Feeding the pigs, A Woman's War
Frances Donaldson Feeding pigs, from A Woman’s War


Frances Donaldson milking in WWII
Frankie supervising the milking in the bail with landgirl Marjorie


muck spreading WW2
Farm men taking the tractor and muck out to spread on the fields


sheep herding
Frankie driving sheep down a track


Rose Donaldson in 1946, aged 8 by DWH (Denis Healey)
Rose Donaldson in 1946, aged 8 by DWH (Denis Healey)


Peckham Health Centre
Peckham Health Centre 1935, described by Walter Gropius as ‘an oasis of glass in a desert of brick’


milking bail Gypsy Hall farm WW2
Cows being washed and prepared for milking


Combine harvester
Loading corn straight into sacks in the field, 1944


Coventry cathedral bombed
Coventry Cathedral after air raids in November 1940


The Wood House, Shipbourne, by Walter Gropius
The Wood House, by Walter Gropius, as seen today



children on Fordsom tractor with fRances Donaldson
Safety First. Children riding on mudguards of a tractor pulling a plough. Frances Donaldson driving.


map of Wilmcote and Gypsy Hall Farm. Frances Donaldson.
Map showing Wilmcote (Gypsy Hall Farm) and Stratford on Avon


cows in a bail
Washing the cows before milking


english, American and Russian soldiers meeting in Iran in WW2
Jack Donaldson in meeting with Russian general Doronin, interpreter and Americans in Iran (PAIForce)


Frances Donaldson, Highman, Gypsy Hall Farm
Frances Donaldson and her beloved foreman, Mr Highman, at Gypsy Hall Farm


child on tricycle WW2
A country childhood: Rose Donaldson riding a trike down Wilmcote village street – no traffic.


ploughing with a caterpillar tractor in WW2
Caterpillar tractor ploughing at Gypsy Hall Farm in the 1940s. Frances Donaldson learnt to do this. She said, “Don’t tell anyone, but it’s easy.”



A Woman's War