Jack Donaldson's letters in WW2: Maintaining Supply Lines in the Second World War

Jack Donaldson’s letters in WW2 were nearly as frequent as Frankie’s. He was not such a good writer as she was, though not that bad either.

Jack Donaldson's Letters in WW2, an officer's life in WW2He was hampered by censorship, which although not fierce prevented him from writing much about actual army events. It was not in his nature to dwell on the difficult or depressing side of life and so his letters are amazingly cheerful with a few complaining moments, and full of parties and camaraderie. This was partly due to his character as he never dwelt on the bad things of life but also, I surmise, to the fact that the life of an officer was much different from that of the common soldier.  Even those fighting on the front met up in Cairo from time to time, where the impression is given of one long party.

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Reading: Jack Donaldson’s letters in WW2 –

interesting to some people – was his reading matter, the names of books he managed to read while at war. I have put them on a page of their own for anyone interested to see a soldier’s library in WWII.

Jack’s reading matter 1939-1941

Jack’s reading matter 1942-1943

Jack’s reading matter 1944-1945

Frances Donaldson: A Woman’s War  for Frankie’s letters about her experience on the Home Front

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